Local government, transportation officials stress importance of stop-gap budget

More than 40 mayors and village presidents from throughout Illinois signed a letter submitted to publications across the state urging passage of Republican lawmakers’ short-term budget bills to ensure schools can open this fall and government operations can continue

Stop-gap budget most responsible course of action

Republican lawmakers have been working for more than a year in bipartisan and bicameral negotiations to pass a balanced budget and meaningful economic reforms to expand job opportunities, fix a corrupt

Short-term budget needed to avoid capital construction delays

Without spending authority on July 1, more than 800 active road projects worth about $2 billion and employing about 25,000 workers are at risk, and vital capital improvement projects affecting correctional

Short-term budget deal status

When it became clear the spring legislative session would conclude without a balanced budget deal for the next fiscal year, Senate and House Republican Leaders joined the Governor in urging

School funding: the driving force behind the stopgap plan

With no state budget in place, public schools won’t receive any state funding unless lawmakers work out a deal. Republican lawmakers and the Governor have stressed that ensuring schools can

Moody’s Investors Service, S & P lower Illinois’ credit rating

As if more reasons are needed to end the budget impasse, Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s on June 9 further downgraded Illinois’ credit bond rating, Fitch Ratings placed

Sen. Chapin Rose issues statement on Exelon’s announcement to shut down Clinton and Quad Cities Plants

“I have absolute empathy for every employee and their family at these two plants today. But, I am not giving up on the fight to protect these local jobs and our downstate economy from huge rate increases.

Undeterred and Hopeful

It was unfortunate that the Republican initiatives were not considered in the last days of the scheduled session. While it’s disappointing the General Assembly failed for the second year in a row to approve a state budget by May 31, there are hopeful signs of an eventual resolution to Illinois’ budget crisis.

Last Minute Shenanigans

In the final hours of the scheduled spring session, the Senate considered a wildly unbalanced and bloated state budget approved by House Democrats a week earlier. Senate Bill 2048 originally was passed by the Senate on May 5 as a bipartisan higher education funding plan, but it was altered in the House to include an entire state budget plan.

Realistic State Budget

Despite tentative optimism heading into the weekend before the scheduled May 31 legislative adjournment that a compromise could be reached on a balanced state budget and economy-boosting, job-creating structural reforms, Democrat leaders continued to slow-walk the process, stymying progress and leading the General Assembly to once again leave Springfield in May without an agreement.

Republican Leadership - Education Funding

To ensure schools can open in the fall, Senate Republicans introduced Senate Bill 3434, which would provide a full-year funding for elementary and secondary schools, increasing state funding for education by $226 million.

Rose legislation to help fire departments save lives and save money

Legislation aimed at saving lives for those suffering a life-threatening allergic reaction, as well as helping local fire and rescue departments keep spending in line, passed the Illinois Senate May 31 and now heads to the Governor’s desk.

Rose appreciates IDOT’s help for Edgar County

State Sen. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) says he is pleased the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has moved quickly to re-bid the high school road project in Paris as quickly as it did, after the first bid was kicked out due to errors in the bidding.

Budget negotiations remain strained

As the legislative session heads towards the scheduled May 31 adjournment date, the leaders of the four caucuses met several times this week with Gov. Bruce Rauner. Though the Governor’s budget director offered his opinion that a budget agreement is possible by Tuesday, budget negotiations remained strained, with Democrat leaders refusing to entertain Republicans’ calls for common sense, economy boosting reforms as part of the compromise.

Senate advances flawed education funding measures

Multiple proposals were advanced by the Illinois Senate this week that would change the way education is funded in Illinois, efforts that Republican Senators characterized as rushed attempts to drive additional dollars to Chicago Public Schools.