Budget compromise unveiled in Senate

If the state’s historic budget impasse is to end any time soon, it could largely be due to a package of legislation unveiled in the Senate for the first time on January 9th. In addition to providing a full year budget with matching revenue, the measures tackle a broad range of issues, including term limits for legislative leaders, a statewide two-year property tax freeze, workers compensation reform, pension reform, and reforms to trim the cost of government.

EDGE program extended

Senate Bill 513, legislation to reinstate the EDGE (Economic Development for a Growing Economy) tax credit program, which has been hailed by supporters as the state’s best tool in bringing businesses to the state and encouraging exiting companies to expand, was passed by both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly.

Rose: Term limits enacted on Senate Leadership, Senate stands in stark contrast with the House

State Sen. Chapin Rose issued the following statement Jan. 11 after the Senate adopted Senate Resolution 3, which enacts term limits of 10 years on the offices of Senate President and Senate Minority Leader.

Bipartisan legislation to save EDGE tax credits for Illinois employers

Expiration of the state’s EDGE tax credit at the end of last year has many lawmakers and employers calling for swift action to reinstate the program, which has created 34,000 jobs and retained an additional 46,000 in Illinois since the program was created in 1999.

New year demands action on budget

With the expiration of the stopgap budget at the turn of the year, Senate Republican lawmakers say swift and decisive action is needed to ensure those who rely on state assistance continue to receive the funding they need to function.

New laws in 2017

As citizens throughout the state of Illinois ring in the New Year, nearly 200 laws will take effect. A significant number of the new laws target crime, make changes to the criminal justice system, seek to assist law enforcement, and advance safety provisions for Illinois motorists.

Lawmakers question abuse and neglect of disabled residents

On Dec. 13, a Cook County judge ordered Disability Services of Illinois, a group home company whose state license was revoked in November after media reports of abuse and neglect, to release 18 resident adults with disabilities from the company’s care.

New law to reduce recidivism

A new law signed this week will ensure that any person being released from the Department of Corrections or Department of Juvenile Justice has a valid state identification card upon release, a commonsense act that will help low-level offenders secure employment, housing and establish financial stability.

Budget update

Gov. Bruce Rauner and legislative leaders did not meet this week to discuss a full-year spending plan and necessary economic reforms. It also appears that little was accomplished during recent meetings of working groups trying to find agreement on workers’ compensation reform and mandate relief for local governments.

Governor Signs Rose Legislation to Protect Jobs, Ratepayers and Taxpayers

Governor Bruce Rauner signed Senate Bill 2814, the Future Energy Jobs bill, at a ceremony at Clinton H.S. Dec. 7.

Winter weather driving tips

Over the weekend, much of Illinois saw its first glimpse of snow. With the wintry weather just beginning, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Illinois State Police (ISP) and the Illinois Tollway are teaming up to remind motorists to be safe and to be prepared for wintry driving conditions.

Appointments made to the Illinois Bicentennial Commission

As Illinois celebrates its 198th birthday this month, Gov. Rauner announced the appointments to the Illinois Bicentennial Commission, which is tasked with leading the planning and celebration of the state’s 200th anniversary in 2018.

Leaders continue to meet over budget

After meeting last week, over the weekend and again into this week, the Governor and legislative leaders continued in vain to find common ground on a full-year budget framework with reforms. Unfortunately, the sense of urgency to find a solution to the state’s fiscal crisis was not shared by the Speaker of the House, who continued to engage in stall tactics, rather than engage in meaningful discussions.

Thousand plus jobs saved in Central Illinois, consumers protected from massive rate increases

Massive electric rate increases across the state will be avoided and nuclear power plants in Clinton and Cordova would stay operational - saving thousands of jobs - under energy reform legislation (Senate Bill 2814) passed by the Illinois Senate Dec. 1.

CPS Bailout Vetoed

When lawmakers came to agreement this past June on a temporary stop-gap budget, one component of that budget included $215 million for the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to pay Chicago teachers’ pension.